The Incan mythology of creation is known based on what was recorded by priests, from the iconography on pottery, and the myths which survived amongst the native people.


There is a place, high in the mountains.
There we can see the ruins of a stone formation, called Las tres ventanas, or The three windows.
The legend tells that from the window in the middle, came the Incas.

Las tres ventanas Incas
In the very ancient time, the humans lived like animals without goal or spirituality.
So one day, from the window in the center, came four brothers and four sisters, the brothers was Manco Capac, Auca, Cachi and Ucho, and the one of fours sisters was named Mama Oqllo.

From the other two windows came the two tribes Maras (Aymara) and tambos. In front of their eyes the Sungod (Inti/Wiraqocha) suddenly stood, and the Sun gave Manco Capac an armor of gold and a gold bar to hold.
Then the Sun said to him: - You and your brothers are my children, go and tell all the people of the world!
Then he gave them the mais, and said: - Find a place where the mais will grow and be fruitful, and build a city for your people, and for me a temple to worship!
Then Inti gave the four brothers gold disks to wear as earrings.
Then he left them and returned to the house in the sky, where the Sun lives.
Manco Capac and his brothers and sisters began to look for a fruitful place to live,  but first they called the place where the Sungod spoke to them, and where they became humans, as Paccari-Tampu.  
Manco married his sister Mama Oqllo and they were travelling a long time.
Somewhere near the mountains of Huanacauri, the brothers began to fight. Manco, Auca and Ucho started to fight with their brother Cachi, who they feared because of his magical powers. They managed to put him into a basket and put heavy stones at the top of it, so he couldnt get out. He went so angry and furious that he turned into stone instantly. The youngest brother Ucho, stayed behind in Huanacauri, worshipping the sun until he also turned into stone.(When he died) But the others continued their journey, and since the same destiny came to Auca also, as he became a stone, only Manco Capac and Mama Oqllo was left, and she hid the gold bar in her clothing. At last they found a beautiful and fertile valley where they decided to build their city. They decided to stay, and the gold bar was used as a foundation sign of the city, impossible for anyone to remove ever after. It was the seal of the Inca. Manco Capac built great buildings, cistern systems and cultivated the fruitful land around the city, and invited all the tribes who lived in the highland to come and live in this city. He told them how to cultivate the land, how to dress, how to treat other people and how to worship the sun, and he told them the legend and history of the Incas so they always should remember it throughout all coming generations.

The city was named Qosqo(Cuzco), Quadruple, the city of four parts. ( He have had four brothers, and four sisters)  The upper part of the city was called Hurin, the first, and the three lower parts was called Hanan. ( Hurin-pacha - upper world, Hanan-pacha-lower world) In Hanan he built the famous Sun Temple of Cuzco, which was destroyed by the Spanish.
So the legend ends, and Manco Capac was turned into stone too, when his time was out.